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Mobile Joystick
Mobile Joystick
Mobile Joystick
Mobile Joystick
Mobile Joystick
Mobile Joystick

Mobile Joystick

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  • Joystick attachment for mobile phone
  • Utilizes magnetic force to upgrade mobile gaming experience
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Won't damage phone screen
  • Easy to attach and remove


  1. Suction Cup on your phone tightly but won't hurt your screen.
  2. Light weight and sensitive:it is easily removed without leaving any glue residue or causing.
  3. The joystick gives you a real physical precision game rocker in touchscreen Video games.
  4. Suitable for iPhone and Android tablet using joystick, enjoy the gaming pleasure.
  5. Design for Smartphone Gaming: combines purely physical manipulation, simply suck it to your phone and start playing.
  6. Playing games with your bare hands is like splitting bricks with your bare hands.
  7. Coquettish walk position help you easily top king.
  8. Vacuum adsorption. Firmly and firmly. Imported material, easy to use with 3 seconds press.
  9. Feel comfortable, sensitive reaction: Joystick control principle, follow one's inclinations of 360.
  10. Rocker operation,the king moves. More flexible than the touch screen, more freedom to move back and forth.
  11. Feel free to press the feeling of hand:Ergonomic radian design, finger natural fit.
  12. Prevent hand slippery, sweating can also be used. Sweat also can operate easily, do not slip, do not touch hands.
  13. Metal manipulation, better sense of hand:The control lever is made of metal, and the feel is better Semitransparent sucker, not blocking the line of sight and firmly adsorbed on the screen.
  14. Coin size,carry-on.One the premise of good use, we try to make it easy to carry.
  15. Do not block line of sight Cover all at one glance. Do not block the screen, do not affect the purchase of equipment.
  16. Compatible with a variety of mobile phone models: Apple/Android /ipad is fully compatible.
  17. Real-time display:Build better competitive equipment or game loves.

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